Gleeks out in force for O2 concert

I’m a Gleek.

There, I’ve said it, and I’m not ashamed.

Plus, I’m in very good company, if the thousands and thousands of cheering fans at the Glee! Live in Concert! tour at the O2 last night are anything to go by.

From the group of ten-year-old girls (who entertained the audience with their own version of Don’t Stop Believin’ on the way out of the arena), to the crowds of friends (male and female), to the hardcore Glee fans (dressed up as their favourite characters), it seemed like everyone had found their inner Gleek.

The television hit is doing seven dates at The O2, finishing this Thursday.

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The show combines video clips of cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, played hilariously as ever by Jane Lynch, and Glee club coach Will Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison, with live performances from the Glee clubbers, all in character.

Perfect as always was Lea Michele as the talented but slightly annoying Rachel, so it was good to see her share the stage with the other characters more than she does in the programme.

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Best vocal performance of the night came from Amber Riley as Mercedes, who belted out Ain’t No Way from the second stage in the middle of the arena. She didn’t require a fancy dance routine or funky lighting - her voice was the only thing needed to bring an awe-filled hush to the arena.

Another crowd favourite was Chris Colfer as Kurt, even though his excitement about the Queen seemed a little too overplayed.

Hunky Mark Sallig as Puck serenaded on-screen girlfriend Lauren (Ashley Fink) with the oh-so-romatic Fat Bottomed Girls, while Chord Overstreet as Sam and Dianna Agron as Quinn duetted on the rather more sweet, but also much more bland, Lucky.

The biggest screams of the night were reserved for Darren Criss as Blaine, accompanied by the Dalton Academy Warblers, even though they all only guest star on the programme.

The introduction for the Warblers was done via video clip featuring Sue Sylvester, but it’s anyone’s guess what she said as she was drowned out by the crowd as soon as they caught sight of the group making their way to the second stage, where they performed Teenage Dream.

From there they headed into the crowd with Silly Love Songs - it’s a surprise no women fainted during the number - and then onto the stage for the raucous Raise Your Glass.

The crowd stayed firmly on its feet through the 90-minute show, arms pumping the air through songs including Don’t Stop Believin’, Born This Way and the original hit Loser Like Me.

And despite the title of that last track, there were no losers in the audience last night - just thousands of very proud Gleeks.

Glee in on until Thursday. For tickets visit

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