Gypsy Kings bring their infectious beats to outdoor concert

People love to dance to the Gipsy Kings.

Whether it’s those synchronised Spanish guitars, wavering vocals or just the fact that they seem to have been around for ever but still show no signs of letting up, the seven-piece from southern France certainly know how to get a crowd out of their chairs.

For their recent concert as part of Kenwood House’s summer programme, it was out of their deckchairs.

It barely took two tracks before the picnicked crowd was waving their arms in the air and by Djobi Djoba, even the most rigidly-seated audience member was wiggling their hips.

Getting their big break in the Eighties, the band may have endeared themselves to music lovers in a decade with a very distinctive sound, but their songs aren’t stuck in any particular era.

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The mixed crowd, from retired couples to big groups of girls and guys, all lip-synched to the choruses, regardless of whether they had any idea what on earth these much-loved tunes were about.

Of course, we were all waiting for Bamboleo and the atmosphere, if possibly, was upped a cheery notch when their anthemic trademark tune blared out at the end of the set.

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It helped that the clouds went in and the dreary, showery episodes that had dominated the day were switched off like a light bulb, just in time for the lively Frenchies to do their bit in the picturesque grounds of Kenwood.

Perhaps the Gipsy Kings’ powers extend to an ability to persuade the weather to cheer up, too.

It wouldn’t surprise me.

The Gypsy Kings played at Kenwood House on July 8.

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