Limehouse director films lockdown comedy series to raise money for NHS

L-R: Briony Puddepha, Julia Matsubara, Paula Galan and Jamie Mills have created a comedy series abo

L-R: Briony Puddepha, Julia Matsubara, Paula Galan and Jamie Mills have created a comedy series about life in lockdown. Picture: MetFilm School - Credit: Archant

A team of budding film makers has produced a comedy series about life under lockdown to raise money for the NHS.

Youngsters from MetFilm School wrote and filmed Live With it: On Lockdown, using the online shows to bring in cash for NHS Charities Together.

Julia Matsubara, 36, from Limehouse, directed the show. She said: “Coronavirus has not stopped us from making films.

“In fact, it has shown a new side of using technology to collaborate and has become a source of inspiration for us as a team and our little series.”

Live With It is about Tilly and Adrian. When Adrian reveals he’s cheated on Tilly and they break up, all they both want is to move on. But the problem is that they live together.

The first series was released in spring 2019 but the recent lockdown has inspired the team behind the series to produce a whole new batch of episodes exploring life in quarantine.

All seven episodes were filmed remotely using the meeting app Zoom and the actors’ mobile phones.

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Briony Puddepha wrote the show and plays the character Tilly. The 25-year-old said: “I had wanted to write a second series of Live With It for a while, but was struggling for inspiration, and it was challenging fitting around the actors’ schedules.

“So, when lockdown was announced, it felt like the perfect opportunity to be creative and try a different way of filmmaking.”

Editor Paula Galán added: “We took advantage of the video call look, where screens sometimes freeze, look a bit jumpy or go black for a split second.”

Jamie Mills, who produced the series, said what was most remarkable about it – and its unique style of filmmaking – was the turnaround time.

“Briony first raised the idea of completing a new series of Live With It on March 23. As of April 28, we have written, filmed, edited, and released an entire seven episode comedy series.”

You can watch episodes on Facebook or Instagram TV. You can also find the whole first series, available to watch for free on Youtube.