Multimedia explores the body and identity at Bethnal Green’s Rich Mix

MULTI-FACETED artist Hetain Patel will be performing TEN, his debut dance theatre piece, at Bethnal Green’s Rich Mix this weekend, adding to his diverse body of work that includes photography, video and installations.

TEN combines Hetain’s signature exploration of identity and the body with humour, dynamism and an engaging take on storytelling.

Somewhere between Bolton, Barbados, Scotland and India, three men, Hetain, Mark and Dave, make a journey of discovery. TEN sees these men delve into questions and an examination of cultural identity.

Hetain began work on TEN as an experiment to translate his video pieces into live works. Previously via editing he could present himself in multitudes in order to play a number of parts and one of the challenges during the process of creating TEN was the integration of others as performers.

In 2008 Hetain stepped physically out of this work to choreograph movement for three contemporary dancers before returning himself as a performer, accompanied by others who did not have traditionally trained dance bodies.

Presented first at the 2009 Decibel Festival, the work was developed further with Mark Evans and Dave ‘Stickman’ Higgins into a short piece for Dance4’s nottdance festival later that year.This year he has been working with Dance4 as producer and a team of old and new collaborators to create a full evening of work, which marries the physicality of stylised movement with three distinct voices to tell a story.

TEN is on at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green Road at 7.30pm tomorrow (Saturday). Tickets cost �12 from or 020 7613 7498.