Rap group Odd Future take to Shoreditch stage disguised as the Royal Family

Buckingham Palace wasn’t the only place where crowds gathered early on the Royal Wedding day.

At the Village Underground venue in Shoreditch, there were queues along the length of Holywell Lane as fans lined up in anticipation to see Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All – the LA collective taking the rap world by storm.

Just in case anyone wasn’t sure who was playing, the venue’s exterior was spray painted with a giant Odd Future logo as well as an advert for group leader Tyler The Creator’s second album ‘Goblin’ which is due out on May 10.

The group had been whittled down to three members - Tyler The Creator, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain - for this rare London show and after their DJ, Syd ‘Tha Kid’ Bennett, had spent 45 minutes whipping the crowd into a frenzy with an array of beats, the trio took to the stage to a cacophony of noise.

Surrounded by Union Jacks and armed with masks including Prince William, Kate Middleton and the Queen, the rappers and the crowd were more than happy to indulge in a few choice words about the other day’s ‘event’ in the capital.

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Despite some sound issues which left those unfamiliar with Odd Future’s work often struggling to take in the music, the energy and intensity with which it was performed could not be missed.

Within two songs, all three members were stage-diving and crowd-surfing over the kind of mosh pit most metal bands would be proud of.

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Tyler then risked life and limb by proceeding to dive into the crowd off the top of the PA stack and by the end of the gig, Odd Future, known for their explosive live performances, proclaimed it to be in their top three “craziest” shows ever. With chants of “Wolf Gang” reverberating around the venue, it was easy to see why Odd Future are very much THE future.

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