Stratford skaters strut their stuff in new music video

Skaters in the Stratford Centre

Skaters in the Stratford Centre - Credit: Archant

A group of roller skaters who have taken to performing in Stratford’s shopping centres have been featured in a new music video by an up-and-coming singer-songwriter.

Ian Roberts, whose latest videos features the Stratford skaters

Ian Roberts, whose latest videos features the Stratford skaters - Credit: Archant

Ian Roberts and his video producer Daniel Gentley were inspired by “The Stratford Skaters” after they were spotted wheeling through the Stratford Centre.

They have now featured the outfit in the video for Ian’s new single, “Sweetlove Butterfly”, after Daniel searched for a theme which would allow real people, rather than actors, to be the stars of the video.

“These Stratford skaters, they have a magical belief in themselves”, explained Ian.

“When I was introduced to them I knew they were perfect for the video. They live their life with their eyes, ears and hearts open to everything.

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“And they have a real strong bond, to watch them help each other is a massive pleasure. They are all ages, from all backgrounds, but with a great common interest in roller skating.”

The video features the group showing off their astonishing skills amid impressed crowds of shoppers.

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And it has already attracted thousands of hits on YouTube ahead of the single’s release on July 29.

Ian insists the inspiration provided by the skaters lies in the fact that they did not let adversity prevent them from bringing something positive to their area.

He said: “These young people have had to suffer the closure of youth clubs and community centres. It’s happening all over the country, and the result is that most young kids have no-where to go.

“But the wonderful thing about these kids from Stratford is that they haven’t just given up and sat around doing nothing - they have formed The Stratford Skaters and they are out every night bringing their form of joy to the community.”

Ian is now working with Frank Turner producer Tristan Ivemy to record a six track EP. For more information, visit

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