As the Mayoral election draws closer, candidates will be busy campaigners in hopes of winning and being named the next Mayor of London.

Currently, the position is held by Labour's Sadiq Khan, while Khan is hoping to win his record-breaking third term, he is facing opposition.

Including the Conservatives Susan Hall who was chosen over Moz Hossian for the candidate role.

When she was announced as the candidate back in July 2023, Hall said: "I will expose Sadiq Khan for who he really is, and show London who we really are. It isn’t about fame or glory for me or for us.

"I’m not interested in the perks of the job – I am focused on the job itself. I want to sort things, not pass the buck."

Who is Susan Hall?

Self-described as a "Londoner through and through", Hall grew up working in her father's garage stripping engines.

Going on to marry a hairdresser, Hall opened a salon where together the couple hired up to 20 people at one point.

Starting her career in politics in 2006, Hall was elected as a Harrow borough councillor where she represented Hatch End.

From 2013-2014 she was the council leader for the same region.

Hall later went on to join the London Assembly in 2017, a year into Sadiq Khan's first term as Mayor.

From 2019, until 2023, Hall was the leader of London's Assembly Conservative group where she shared she would say "exactly what I'm thinking".


What are Susan Hall's policies for the Mayor of London?

Hall has previously shared that her "passion is policing" with a number of her ideas focused on crime and policing.

The Conservative candidate shared that some of her policies included pledging £200m to the Met Police in a bid to "tackle the scourge of knives, modernise the police to use the latest artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology, and work to dismantle the gangs and organised crime networks that ruin so many lives”.

Hall also said that she would scrap Khan's ULEZ expansion across Greater London from "day one" of being elected.

Plus, the Mayor hopeful also wants to get rid of the 20mph limit on London's main roads but keep them around schools.

Lastly, Hall shared that she wants to "build a lot more homes in the right places" moving away from tower blocks.


Hall has faced several controversies since being announced as the Tory Mayoral candidate as the London Labour Party branded her a “hard-right politician who couldn't be more out of touch with our city and its values.”

In 2020, she made her first vocal support for Donald Trump, taking to X, formally Twitter, to write: "Make sure you win and wipe the smile off (Sadiq Khan's) face".

Along with her vocal support for Trump, Hall also compared Brexit remainers to the supporters of Trump who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Also on X, Hall backed former Home Secretary Suella Braverman's choice of the word “invasion” when discussing small boats crossing the Channel, writing: “Well the term invasion is correct. So to many of us appropriately used."

In 2022, Hall was criticised for her comments towards the black community, as she said the community has “problems with crime.”

Hall later described police officers who took the knee as “embarrassing.”